How do your safety leaders measure up?

ISA 360

ISA 360 is an independent and reliable capability assessment that identifies individual behaviours, beliefs and attitudes towards safety & enables transformation of the safety culture of your organisation.

What it measures

Commitment – the leader’s ability  to have and demonstrate a personal commitment to safety and effectively  engage others in the commitment. 

Curiosity – the leader’s ability  to listen effectively in a way that seeks a greater understanding of all perspectives. 

Caring Actively – the leader’s ability  to produce a desired or intended result  through genuinely caring about people. 

Interconnectedness – the leader’s  ability to optimise both personal and process safety, at the individual and  organisational level to ensure everyone  works safely.


Impact on Others - the ultimate impact that the four above capability areas are having on others.

Why invest in ISA 360?

  • Valid & reliable measure of safety capability


  • People feel valued & engaged


  • Increased commitment to Safety
  • Substantial reduction in operating costs
  • Close the 'gaps' in capability at all levels


Reporting enables you to focus  your employee development investment budget where it's most needed.


Demonstrate to key stakeholders you have an independent view of safety leadership strengths and areas for improvement.


Create a high-performing and sustainable safety culture – one in which no one is hurt. Create a visible shift in safety leadership and performance each year.